Photographer Captured Stunning Photos Of Maine Coon Cats

Photographer Robert Sijka captured photos of Maine Coons like you’ve never seen them before. These majestic cats are one of the largest domesticated cats and one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. The Maine Coon cat is also called “The Gentle Giant” because of its social behavior. Some of these photos make them look like miniature lions. Breathtaking!


pets-maine-coon-001Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-002Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-003Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-004Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-005Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-007Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-008Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-009Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-010Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-011Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-012Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-013Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-014Source: Robert Sijka


pets-maine-coon-015Source: Robert Sijka



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