10 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Decorations With Lights

Let there be lights this holiday season! I’ve gathered some amazing Christmas decorations ideas with lights that the whole family can get involved making and get everyone into the festive spirit! I really love number 1 and number 10!


1. Make Your Own Cardboard Village Lantern


This project will keep you busy for at least a couple of hours but it’s worth it! Tutorial.


2. Lovely Paper Winter Village


Another great piece made from just paper. Instructions.


3. DIY Christmas Lights Lantern


Adorable and easy to make! Tutorial.

4. DIY Mason Jar Holiday Joy


Lovely setup! More details.

5. Lovely DIY Christmas Tree Idea


Such a cute idea! The source page is in French but it really isn’t hard to make so you should be able to do this. Source.

6. Burlap Light Garland


I love these Christmas lights! If you make them long enough you can wrap them around your tree! Tutorial.


7. Cute Little Snowman Candle Holders


This snowman candle holder will bring a cheerful glow to any room and is the perfect decoration for winter. Instructions.


8. DIY Fun Snowman From Plastic Cups


Such an adorable snowman! Source.

Video tutorial


9. Enchanted Forest With This Shadow Box DIY


There’s not much of a tutorial from the source but you can use this image for inspiration. Source.


10. How To Make Huge Christmas Light Balls


I love this one so much! If you have a nice yard these big light balls will look stunning! Detailed Tutorial.

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