Easy Chrismas Crafts To Make With Kids

Working with your kids or grandchildren is great! These DIY Christmas projects are children friendly and a lot of fun to make! Some are too hard for youngsters but if you assist them it’ll work out.


1. DIY Glitter Acorn Ornaments


So cute! And they last long so you can use them this fall and for Christmas as well! Tutorial.


2. Easy To Make Wine Cork Reindeers


Very basic but they are adorable!


3.  Bottle Cap Snowman


This project is great for kids! Instructions.


4. Make Your Own Paper Cube Christmas Lights


These are so beautiful! You might have to assist if your kiddos are too young. Step by step instructions.


5. Pinecone Christmas Trees


They don’t have to be as pretty as these, as long as your kids are having fun. Tutorial for these little trees is here.


6. Ribbon Christmas Ornaments


Be careful with the needle but older kids should be able to do this;) Tutorial.


7. Decorated Pinecone Christmas Trees


This looks like so much fun! Have your kids decorate pinecones with ornaments made of old necklaces. Great to give to family members! Source.


8. Santaclaus Going Down The Chimney


Such a cute idea to do with the little ones! Details.


9. Olaf The Sock Snowman


You don’t need a lot of material to make this adorable little snowman. Full instructions.


10. Popsicle Sticks  Christmas Ornaments




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