11 Ingenious Dog Bed Ideas To Make Yourself

Do you have a dog? Than this project is something for you! I’ve found some inspiring ideas for you to craft your own dog bed.


1. Old Tire Dog Bed


I couldn’t find a tutorial but if you can get an old car tire you can use this for inspiration. Source: Pinterest


2. Pallet Wood Dog Bed


This one is great for older dogs as well because of the low entrance. Detailed tutorial.


3. DIY Wooden Crate Pet Bed


Great bed for smaller dogs. Instructions.


4. Amazing Wine Barrel Dog Bed


I love this one so much! Find yourself a wine barrel and make your dog happy! Tutorial.


5. Dog Bed Made From Old Sweater


Use an old sweater to make a cute bed like this for your dog. Instructions.


6. Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed




7. Lovely Old Cabinet Dog Bed


No tutorial but great for inspiration! Source: Pinterest


8. Dog Bed Modern Interior


These cost nearly $800! Crazy if you ask me but you can find some nice wood you should be able to make one yourself for a fraction of the cost. Source.


9. DIY PVC Pet Bed


Great idea not as difficult as you would think! Step by step instructions.


10. Free Sewing Pattern Bed


This one is actually a “Baby Nest” but it’s a great bed for small dogs as well! Tutorial.


11. DIY Mid Century Style Dog Bed


Detailed guide.

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