The Perfect Trick To Clean Your Washing Machine

Clean you washing machine with just dishwasher tablets. This trick is easy and effective!

In most households the washing machine runs daily. Most of the time it runs at low temperature. Which is good for your energy bill but not so good for your machine. Germs and soap aren’t fully removed at low temperatures. The trick is to add one or two dishwasher tablets and run your machine on “Hot” without any clothes in it. Once the program finishes you’ll have a perfectly clean washing machine.

  1. Place one or two dishwasher tablets inside the drum (if you don’t have tablets you can use powder and place it inside the soap holder)
  2. Set the program to “Hot”
  3. Wait until the program is completed and you’ll have a fresh &¬†shiny washing machine
  4. You should do this a couple of times per year to keep it perfectly clean

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