Chalkboard Paint DIY Ideas

I’ve found some real creative projects with chalkboard paint. Write on walls, tables or cabinets, with these ideas you can turn any object into a chalkboard!


1. DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray


This serving tray looks so neat! This easy to follow video tutorial will help you.


2. Wood Slice Chalkboard


Great idea and easy to make! Source: Pinterest


3. Make Your Own Wall Sized Chalkboard


Great project with clear instructions.


4. Turn An Old Frame Into A Chalkboard


Do you have an old picture frame laying around? With this tutorial you can turn it into an awesome looking chalkboard!

5. Old Saw Chalkboard Paint


Great idea for fathers day! Or as a Christmas present. Source.


6. Kitchen Wall Chalkboard


I love this chalkboard idea for the kitchen! Detailed instructions.


7. Chalkboard Coffee Table For Kids


Simple but clever idea. Kids will love a table like this! Tutorial.


8. Chalkboard Dressed For Kids Room


This is such a cute idea! It’ll really help your kids learn how to organize. Source.


9. DIY Perfect Chalkboard Writing


Now that you made your own chalkboard you want pretty lettering every time. Follow these instructions.



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