Make Your Own Christmas Gift Bags

Making your own Christmas presents for friends and family (see this post) is great but creating your own gift bags for these presents makes it even more special. I came across some really nice ideas for DIY gift bags. You can’t wrap your presents any better than this!

1. Paper Gingerbread House Gift bags


These are great for small gifts. Easy to follow instructions.


2. Lovely White Christmas Tree Gift Bag


This one doesn’t have a full detail tutorial but it’s great for inspiration! Source.


3. Shape Your Own Personal Gift Bag


Great idea to get sharp square corners! Detailed instructions.


4. Vintage Sheet Music Gift Bag


Step by step instructions.


5. Neat DIY Gift Bags For Christmas


These bags are really easy to make. Video Tutorial.


6. Beautiful Christmas Bag For Your Gifts


This one will keep you busy for a while but the result is gorgeous! Tutorial.


7. Cute Elf Gift Bag


Kids will love this one! Tutorial.


8. Little Reindeer Christmas Wrapping


This is so cute! No tutorial but this one doesn’t seem hard.


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