I’ve Found Some Great DIY Christmas Gifts For You

Finding the right gift for the right person can be difficult and expensive! Your friends and family will love handmade gifts. I’ve collected some great ideas that are affordable and most don’t require a lot of skills or tools. Impress your friends & family with your DIY gifts this Christmas.


1. Make A Mint Sugar Scrub


Great idea! Your friends and family will love a gift like this. Tutorial at LoveGrowsWild.


2. Make Your Own Sweet Smelling Soap


Not that’s a “sweet” gift for Christmas or as a birthday gift. Step by step guide.


3. Gorgeous Scarf Made Using Just An Old T-shirt


This looks so neat! And the best part is that is doesn’t require any sewing! Tutorial.


4. Homemade Flavored Salt Is A Great Gift For Anyone Who Loves To Cook


Treat your friends or family with these great tasting favored salts. Detailed Tutorial.


5. Cool Looking Paracord Bracelets


This is a great gift for kids! Easy to follow tutorial.


6. Beautiful Pressed Flowers In Glass Frame


This will look gorgeous on a wall! Tutorial on how to press flowers.


7. Tea Tin Candles


Turn your old tea tins into decorative candles. Tutorial.


8. Wine Bottle Gift Sleeves


Wrap up your wine bottle gift with a sweater sleeve. Instructions.


9. Lovely Homemade Hand Soaps


Such a cute gift for a lady! Tutorial.


10. Delicious Mint Chocolate Body Butter


This lasts up to one year. I’m going to make this one for sure. Instructions.

Still not sure what to give for Christmas? I’ll make a part two with great ideas next month.





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