Delicious Snacks You Should Try For Fall

Looking for comfort food for fall? These are some great snacks for autumn. You should try some of these delicious fall treats!

1. Homemade Cinnamon Apple Rings


This is like a fried mini apple-pie! Recipe.


2. Homemade Apple Fries With Vanilla Whipped Cream


Make sure the oil is hot enough or the apples might absorb the oil. Recipe.


3. Cute Spooky Brownies Desert


Kids will love these little deserts! And so will their parents! 😉 You can find the recipe here.


4. Monster Pumpkin Pie Pudding


What a cute idea! And easy to make as well. Recipe for this Halloween desert.


5. Lebanese Hummus Made Of Butternut Squash


I love Hummus! I’ll definitely try this one! Make sure you use a pumpkin that doesn’t contain too much water. Detailed recipe.


6. Autumn Spiced Roasted Nuts & Pumpkin Seeds


The perfect comfort food for fall. Recipe.


7. Autumn Apple Smoothie With A Kick


Easy to make and healthy! Recipe for this spicy smoothie at RealFoodRealDeals.

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