How To Crochet Lego Patterns and Tutorials

Lego is for all ages. I came across these cool Lego Crochet ideas with free patterns and instruction videos. With this info you should be able to crochet any Lego pattern you want.

1. Lego Block Pattern For A Neat Lego Pillow


This’ll add a lot of color to your couch. You can download the free pattern at Ravelry.


2. Your Kids Would Love To Have One Of These Lego Backpacks!


You can find the free crochet instructions at Moogly.


3. Very Cool Lego Crochet Scarf


I love this scarf! Step by step instructions at FitzBirch.


4. Lego Brick Box Crochet Pattern


This is a great storage box for uhmmm Lego? Step by step guide here.


5. Lego Building Blocks Blanket


This is so neat for a kids room! You can download the pattern from RedHeart.


6. Crochet Pattern For Lego Tissue Box


Awesome way of hiding those ugly tissue boxes! Detailed pattern can be found here.


Some very useful videos on Lego Crocheting.

How to Crochet a Lego Block


Joining Crochet Squares


How to crochet lego blanket pattern



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