Unique Ways to Carve & Decorate Your Pumpkins

Do you want to create something completely different for Halloween? I gathered some unique ideas to decorate and carve your pumpkins this year. Some of these are real pieces of art!


1. Beautiful Black Painted Pumpkins

Black Painted Pumpkins

These spiderweb & skeleton black pumpkins look pretty awesome! Instructions.


2. Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Pumpkin Carving


Love it!! This might look difficult but if you follow the instructions it’s pretty easy to make!


3. Black Cat Pumpkin Lanterns

Black Cat Pumpkin Lanterns

Step by step guide can be found at SunSet.


4. Shiny Gold Thumbtack Pumpkin


Instructions on how to make these gold pumpkins can be found at RosyScription.


5. Creative Painted Pumpkins


This project isn’t easy and takes time but these pumpkins look amazing! Tutorial.


6. Cute Kitten Pumpkin for Halloween

Kitten Pumpkin Craft

This pumpkin is overflowing with kitties and cuteness! So adorable! Detailed Instructions.


7. Pumpkin Cannibal Carving


I bet this will look great with a candle inside when it’s dark! With this detailed tutorial you can’t go wrong!


8. Kids Will Be Amazed By These Glow In The Dark Pumpkins.


All you need is a some colorful neon paint and pumpkins. Instructions at ILoveToCreate.


9. Gorgeous Disney Frozen Pumpkin


My daughter will love this pumpkin! Inspired by the Disney movie “Frozen”. Step by step instructions at APumpkinAndAPrincess.


10. Easy to make drilled jack-o-lantern

drilled pumpkin lanterns

These are simple to make. You can be creative and make any pattern you want. Instructions are here.


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