Stunning alternatives for Christmas trees

Every house needs a Christmas tree but what if you don’t have enough room? Or maybe you think it’s too early for a tree but you want to have something to start the Christmas feeling? I’ve collected some great ideas for Christmas tree alternatives. I hope I inspired you to start decorating.

1. Basic but cute Christmas tree

This one seems quite easy to make. You’ll need an artificial tree with lights and you add the ornaments you want.


2. Curly Willow Branches.


I love this one! You need some curly willow branches and you add whatever decorations you want. If you think it’s too early for Christmas just make it for autumn!


3. Candles and Stars & Balls look great. 


4. Great tutorial to make Frosted Branches.


You can find a detailed tutorial here.


5. Amazing Christmas Cone Trees.


You can find a lot of ideas and tutorials here.


6. This Wooden Ornament tree frame looks neat.

This one requires some tools if you want to make it perfect but the results amazing. Tutorial can be found on this site.


7. Greet idea! A Tree shaped Christmas wall shelf


Click here for the step by step instructions.


8. Wooden “beach house style” stars. These are great for Christmas but they’ll look great the whole year!


Check this page for the instructions.


Once I find more creative ideas I’ll post them!
– Lily


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