Halloween Hairdos 2016

Halloween becomes more and more popular every year. Most Halloween outfits are expensive or over the top. Why not focus on the hair as the main part of your outfit? I have collected some amazing Halloween Hairdos for girls. Some take a bit more time or require your girl to have long hair but I bet the results will be satisfying.
It’s about to get spooky!

1. Silly Spider Hairdo for Halloween


Most girls aren’t too excited about having a spider in their hair but wearing this big spider during Halloween seems like a lot of fun! You can find the full tutorial at SimpleAsThatBlog


2. The Skeleton Halloween Hairdo

This will look best if you have long hair. Instructions can be found here


3. Spooky Haunted Hairdo

2011_10_30/Haunted Hairstyle

This will grab a lot of attention when it’s dark! Instructions are here


4. The amazing Spider Web Hairdo


The perfect spider web for Halloween! Credits to JennnisHairDays, you can find a video tutorial here


5. Halloween Medusa Hairdo


This Medusa Hairdo looks pretty neat! Step by step instructions can be found here.


6. Bride of Frankenstein Hairdo


Scary yet stylish Halloween Hairstyle. Step by step instructions plus video can be found here.


7. Cute Bat Style Halloween hairdo


This style will make your little girl look adorable! Full tutorial video here.


8. Another Spider Hairstyle


You can find the detailed instructions here.


9. Amazing Pumpkin Hairstyle


You can find the complete tutorial for this hairdo here.


10. What are you looking at?? Creepy eye-balls hairstyle


You can find the instructions for these creepy eyes here.

If I find other cool hairstyles I’ll post them!
– Lily


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